Monday, August 9, 2010

Adventures in Geocaching ~ Pint-Sized Power

Since I have geocaching on the brain, I couldn't help but share this find.

Affiliated with, Geomate, Jr. is the pre-programmed, pint-sized version of a GPS reciever made specifically for geocaching. Programmed with 250,000 pre-loaded geocaches, it's ready to rock and roll when you are.  According to the website, at 250,000 geocaches, you could do one a day for 164 years!

Also, they're pretty easy to come by at Target,, Rei, and more.  For a mere $70, they're decently affordable on one level, but definitely a high-tech price tag for the 4-10 year old set.  Given that,it might be the kind of thing where your youngster saves up for awhile in his/her piggy bank, or it becomes a special bday/holiday gift.  But, then again, it could be way cheaper than a reservation at next summer's summer camp.

For more info on Geomate, Jr, including some more informative videos, click the title above or go to

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