Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Favorite Recent Finds from Free Technology for Teachers

I've mentioned before that I'm a frequent fan of Free Technology For Teachers website created by Richard Byrne. Over the last several months I've been stockpiling some of my favorites and wanted to share them here with you. The thing I like the best is that they are short and easy to read, he often adds a video which highlights the best parts of hhis finds, and he just finds so many amazing things out on the internet. If you are an EdTech coach, following him is a must! 

Here are a few of my favorites posts of his from the last 6 months.


A Good Place to Find Free Images and Music for Classroom Projects

How to Use Custom Fonts in Google Forms to Improve Readability

Transforming the Traditional Learning Environment with BookWidgets

My Big Playlist of Canva Tutorials

Try Canva's New Whiteboard Templates With Timers

Language Arts & Geography

Geo Artwork - A Fun Game About Geography and Art

Ten Good Templates for Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts Activities

Amazing! This Interactive Story Building Lesson Still Works!

Five Google Earth Activities to Get Kids Interested in the Outdoors

Visual Dictionaries for Kids

Ten Fun Things for Students to Map

Eco & Science & Math

Climate Kids Helps Kids Learn About Climate Change

A TED-Ed Lesson for Every Element on the Periodic Table

Five Fun Science Games for Kids

Five Concepts You Can Teach Through Geocaching

Science Friday is a Must-bookmark for Science Teachers

Electric Lessons - Energy 101

My Favorite Fall Video Project

NOAA Sea to Sky - 1000+ Resources for Science Teachers

Roller Coaster Physics

PhET Virtual Workshops for Teachers (Math & Science)

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