Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Years 2022

When the clock strikes midnight, separating December 31 to January 1, it traditionally has brought on great times of reflection for me. I have a history of long mysteries as my parents often stayed at a wonderful old world German flair hotel with friends of the family over New Years. It was not only beautiful in its regular decor, but down right magical at Christmastime. My brother and I and our friends' children who were there with us had run of the hotel as our playground. We were safe and secure and it was a trusted spot where you couldn't get lost--yet it was ripe with its many hidden corners that were perfect for cozying in and finding time to reflect in these wonderful nooks and crannies. My journal and I would curl up together and I'd often think back on the year that had passed and the year that was ahead.

Thinking back to the past of not just this year, but the last couple, the past few years have been full with so many things we never thought would or could ever happen. In my modern time lifetime of technology and advanced medicine, a global pandemic was not on my radar of things I thought I'd ever experience. Nor did I think they'd be a two-year experience. 2020 was radically altered from the arrival of Covid-19. I remember being flabbergasted at one point when I heard Dr. Fauci or an epidemiologist on the news state mid-2020 that this could go to 2021. And now we enter 2022. 

I will admit, given the last few, I feel tentative as I toe dip into this new year. Who knows what's ahead given the craziness of all that we've endured. I feel the heavy weight of trepidation!

However, the more times you go around the sun, the more wisdom you gain with that experience. I'm certainly old enough to know that you never know what the future holds, but you also can't sit and stew about it. Here on the cusp of 2022, we haven't a clue what's ahead. Insert global issues, politics, innovation, economics, society, and more--there most certainly is no certainty! 

But, we are at the cusp of the year, what we can control is in our hands. What's in store for you, and what are you willing to do to get yourself where you want to be?

Every year, I do an exercise of determining one word for the year. We had to do this at the start of the school year this year as well. Given that, I'm going to stick with that one. My word: Buoyancy. Keeping myself up, keeping others up and supporting them. Gaining my strength in the peace, serenity, and calm in the same way I feel when buoyant on the water. 

May you land on your word this year as you reflect over where you have been and where you are going... and may your 2022 be rewarding in so many ways. Cheers to the new year!

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