Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Phenology & The 4 Seasons

As we are hitting the "wintery mix" days of weather here in early January where I live, I'm looking outside at "the muck and stuff" that's coming down on the snow that gave us a beloved snow day last week. Not being a winter girl, it has me longing for the signs of spring.

When we pay attention to those seasonal signs, we are following phenology.

To learn a little bit more about phenology and how it is tied to what is happening with climate change, check out this TED-Ed video:

If you can't get enough about Phenology, check out The Roving Naturalist's video on it!

It all reminded me of this video by Charles Germaine. I had the honor of sitting on a maritime foundation board with Charles over the past few years prior to the dissolving of the organization. Even prior to that, I'd been a fan of his videos and YouTube Channel. The video below is a phenology video of the "4 Seasons of Magothy River." The Magothy used to be the view outside my window at a school I taught at for 7 years (years ago). 

Here as we are making our way into January, if you are needing a little visual meditation to carry you through your current weather through the other seasons, take a phenology trip to visit them through Charles Germaine's 3:41 minute movie.

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