Saturday, January 8, 2022

A Treasure Trove of Wisdom & Wonderment with SciShow & More

I've talked before of my love of Crash Course videos. Brothers Hank and John Green (yes, "Fault in Our Stars" and other young adult books, author John Green) do a sharp-witted, quick pace deep dive into all sorts of topics of such as history, science, technology, engineering, psychology, business, sociology, film study, ecology, and more. They've revamped their website and have 32 themed courses and the knowledge base in there is exponential.

Hank Green is at it again--and has been since 2212. Hank, along with the help of a team of others including Michael Aranda, Olivia Gordon, Stefan Chin, Caitlin Hofmeister, Reid Reimers, Brit Garner, and Anthony Brown have created SciShow, which has now branched into the following 4 YouTube channels of wonderment and answers: 

  • SciShow -- tackling science discoveries and more to tweak your curiosities.
    • Spinoff: SciShow Tangents, which began in 2018, and gives you loads of random tangents and tidbits.
  • SciShow Psych -- sharing brain-based research and diving into what makes you "you!"
  • SciShow Kids -- bringing it down a notch to be right and ready to share information with the elementary set.
This post from edtech guru Richard Byrne on his Free Technology For Teachers details 3 elementary aged SciShow Kids' engineering--great if you are doing a digging into the design process. At 4-6 minutes long, these animated shorts are the perfect bite sized bits to energize your students.
You'll find other great engineering topics at a slightly higher level for students on the SciShow channel too. And the environment.... And math... And music..... the list goes on!!!

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