Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Crash Course Kids

I love me some Crash Course... not the wreck-up, destructive kind, but the John & Hank Green variety. They have a phenomenal way of making history--and every other topic under the sun--come alive with their fast talking, zippy animations! You can find them a few places:

Well, there's a new kid in town. Crash Course Kids, to be specific!  Bringing the same brilliance and humor that Crash course offers older students (although I've used their videos with upper elementary), Crash Course Kids is a little more on the elementary level, starting with 5th Grade Science--complete with standards, and they'll be adding as they go. Here's a preview:


You can find their entire playlist here.

Categories at this writing include:
  • Engineering & Engineering Process
  • Earth Science: Earth's Spheres and Natural Resources
  • Life Science: Ecosystems and Flow of Energy
  • Physical Science: Introduction to Gravity
  • Physical Science: Properties of Matter
  • Space Science: Introduction to Stars
  • Space Science: The Sun and Its Influence on Earth
Crash Course Kids is addictive... in the best way! So go forth and gobble up the knowledge!

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