Saturday, February 17, 2018

How the Internet Works

In my quest for videos about the Hour of Code, I ran across this video "The Internet: How Search Works."  I found it fascinating, both as an educator, an #edtech-ian, and a learner. Given that, it warranted a post of its own!

I've heard reports that by 2028, ten years from now, half of the jobs out there will be ones that don't even exist here and today.  The reason: the growth in technology. Exponential growth! Given that, it's probably good for all of us to know such things as this... sharpening our tech and innovation skills along the way!


As an aside, here's a pretty cool "gifographic" (an animated step up from an infographic!) and kid-friendly information page on the concept as well from (You'll find a wealth of other information also at Mocomi's learning portal!)

Video from, gifographic from; Image from

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