Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Buzz About Bees

Since the spring and the blooming flowers, the bees have been buzzing. Just because we are returning to school doesn't mean they are flying away quite yet. With the first day of fall hitting the calendar earlier this week, fall flowers bring about different reasons for the bees to keep flittering about! Those bees are still vital pollinators, on the move!

Here are some top notch resources sights to bring you the buzz about bees:

Pollinator Resources:

One of the most surprising places I found a wealth of pollinator resources was the Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial commemorating 9/11. They have an entire tab dedicated to environmental education and the pollinators and the native birds that make the memorial their home. In addition to the 9 website resources they list to other sites, they also list two science-based Pollinator Curriculums: one for Kindergarten to Grade 2, and one for Grades 3-5. They also have a "Bee Reading List for Kindergarten to Grade 12."


Bee Hotels:

Want to build your own bee hotel? National Geographic to the rescue with a lesson plan for students in grades 3-11. Here's another detailed blue print and guide from Michigan State University's Extension Office if you need it.

Additionally the 1 Million Women Facebook page has a mini movie about bee hotels. It showcases how they are helping to save and protect bees, who in turn are helping us!


These two infographics are a great reminder of just how necessary bees are. Check out "The Bees Knees" and "Bee Conscious" at these links to get a better, closer look.

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