Wednesday, September 29, 2021

One Small Action

In March of this year the following photo, taken by Nandu Ks went viral. It showcased 69 year old N. S. Rajappon cleaning plastic trash from India's Meenachil River.

A victim of polio at the age of 5, N.S. is paralyzed, but daily he takes a sojourn into the waterways near his home in India to collect trash and clean the river. A boatload only earns about 17 cents (enough for a meal), but it makes a difference. 

 "Someone should remove the waste from water... I'm doing what is possible for me." ~N. S. Rajappon

Environmentally speaking, we can sometimes become so overwhelmed. "I'm only one person," we may say. But this viral image definitely highlights the power of one. What can you do today?

Image of N. S. Rajappan as taken by Nandu Ks from and Quote image from

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