Saturday, January 4, 2020

Starting The Year Off Right

As I wrote in my previous "Happy New Year 2020" post, the rotation around both the sun and the calendar bring about a lovely level of reflection. The start of something new. Resolutions, goals, or "One Word" focuses for the year ahead are frequent and often plentiful among the masses as people... as they go forward with the good and toss the rest from the year before.

I spent my New Years Day doing all my favorite activities:

~ brunching with a a couple of dear co-workers while basking in the fact that we were still on winter break;

~ delighting in the sunshiny 47°F weather and soaking in some Vitamin D & Vitamin N in the glory of my own backyard;

~ napping & reading on the couch by the Christmas tree;

~ doing a little writing & reflecting over here at GTG.

I hope your New Years Day was equally rewarding.

As an aside... my "One Word" for this year: Vitality.

Why? It brings to mind "health & wellness," which is something my body is craving with achy knees and slowing metabolism. But more than that, it also brings about "energy," "liveliness," and "robustness." Who wouldn't want to have those items daily? I also see it as a springboard to ask myself if activities or behaviors bring that. Is mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, playing copious games of Words With Friends, or reading Apple News ad nauseam going to bring me all of that? In five minute blocks, they may help me decompress. But more than that (and who amongst us hasn't gotten sucked down the rabbit hole of our own tech)--probably not. Same for the comfort food and binge-watching TV. Seems like a positive word filled with 20/20 focus and clarity for me to wrap my year around.

May you find a word that helps you focus your 20/20 vision on helping you be the best you can be!

"Vitality" photo created at; the other one from my camera & my backyard.

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