Saturday, January 11, 2020

Eco With Em: Climate Change

I've written about Eco With Em before as her infographic-style, hand-drawn graphics and her environmental slant really appeal to me. With all the conversations about climate this past year, this illustration of hers (posted January 1st, 2020 on Facebook) spoke to me--perhaps more so since she's an Australian and has been seeing first hand all of the devastation from the Australian wildfires. Likewise it seemed like the perfect follow up to my "Raging Wildfires" post from the other day:

Even more powerful was what she wrote on her Facebook post regarding it:
"2020. Here in Australia more than 4.4million hectares are gone, countless animals, sacred sites, over 900 homes and 12 people have lost their lives (including 3 volunteers that all had young children or expecting wives). Skies are blood red, 4000 people were stranded on the beach and were ordered to swim into the ocean and they’re still raging on. It’s hard to feel cheery and impossible to fathom.

The only possible sliver of positivity I can find in this is that it is impossible to ignore. We still have hope and time (I say that with sensitivity and the understanding that there are people out there IN THIS right now). We are starting a new decade. We are where we are. And whether we like it or not Climate Change is inviting us into a new world. For everything to change, we have to change everything. Our attitudes need to change. Our leadership needs to change but if it does not we need to do everything within our individual/community/global powers to shift the needle ourselves.
There are solutions out there, right now, that can help reverse climate change. Regenerative agriculture, blue carbon, smarter home design, Reforestation projects, marine parks. Individually we can change what we eat, support local businesses, quit plastic and overall just consume LESS. Get back to what is important for humanity and leave what is not in the last decade.

The options are that we can blindly stumble into a new decade with an old attitude OR we can come together and completely change the way we live and get to work in healing the planet. I know what I will be devoting my next decade to."
I agree with her: "climate change is inviting us into a new world." If our leaders are going to be laissez-faire about it, then it is up to us as global citizens, national and local voters, community members, entrepreneurs, innovators, and everyday people to become the leaders we are looking for.

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