Saturday, January 25, 2020

View at the Recycling Center & Landfill

Not long ago, I was at our county's landfill & recycling center. The reason? To offload a bunch of cables, keyboards, and old phones for work. You can't just leave your electronics on the curbside, so it really was the only option... especially with the planned obsolesce of computers & technology.

I've been to the landfill and recycling center a few times, though I won't say I'm a frequent flier. It's changed a bit through the years. I always find it fascinating, seeing what people offload at the recycling center... and also seeing what things land at the landfill.

About 12 years ago, I visited our local landfill on a school field trip with 2nd and 3rd graders. At the time it was the tallest structure in the county, with the exception of the air traffic controller's tower at the airport. It was striking to be standing on top, looking down at the growing carnage, especially seeing how small items like lawn furniture (and other identifiable items) were. I was in about as much awe as the kids were. I was even more in awe a few years later that when I revisited the same spot, and you could see the noticeable difference in the height of the trash. I don't remember the exact numbers, but back then, the sections of the landfill were expected to be filled by 2020-2025. Looking at that timeline now, in retrospect, really is striking.

Even at the recycling center this year, it was eye-opening. It really gets you thinking both about materialism and minimalism. A lot of stuff we all just had to have...and here it is, being offloaded. Truly an interesting perspective being there shortly before the holidays.

If you haven't been to your landfill or recycling center, I strongly recommend it. It will shift your view on what you think you need, and what you feel like you can't live without!

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