Wednesday, January 22, 2020

EdTech Fitness With Richard Byrne

Richard Byrne is a powerhouse in the edtech world and has been for well over the last decade. With over 14,725 blog posts on his Free Tech For Teachers since 2007 (averaging more than 1000 per year), and being a frequent Edublog award winner, he knows his stuff. He's often one of my first go-to places to learn more about edtech tools.

Other notable notes about Richard Byrne:
  • He has a resource library of his own creation on his YouTube channel (with over 16,000 subscribers and too many videos to count).
  • He's also a well-traveled edtech presenter who has been all over presenting a myriad of educational topics. 
Needless to say, he's a busy fellow. Given that, he also started the website Ed Tech Fitness--knowing how busy teachers can be (and how their own self-care/wellness often falls through the cracks.) Given my own health pursuits for the new year, I signed up for his Ed Tech Fitness weekly newsletter & challenge, and I'm currently on board for his Junk-Free January. With only about 2 weeks under my belt, I am happy to say I'm still mostly on track! 

Richard uses Ed Tech Fitness to share not only his own healthy path, but some helpful hints to staying on track as well as saving time along the way to make room in your schedule for exercise. Likewise, he shares resources that have helped him on his own journey. I also love that he speaks the language of teachers, knowing the time constraint, busy seasons, and stress loads that are unique to teachers. For anyone who has a health or fitness resolution on their 2020 game plan, it's a great resource.

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