Sunday, January 6, 2019

One Word 2019

For the last several years, I've embraced "One Word" as an approach to the New Years and resolutions.

One word to focus on for my year.

Some years, it's more tried and true than others. Some of my words in the past:

8/-ate (2018)
Notice (2017)
Up (2016)
Make (2015)
Change (2014)

So it's 2019. Where do I want to go from here?

My word this year: WIN.

But, because I can't just go with one word and leave it at that, "WIN" has extra meaning as it's an acronym.  WIN:
  • What is Necessary?
  • When, If Not Now?
  • When In Nature...
  • What Do I Need?
  • What's Important Now?
My hope is that if I'm at a thought crossroad here in 2019, I'll check in with myself. Do I need to lay down my phone/tech? Do I need to stop and reach out to my kids? Do I need to head outside? Do I need to take a break, read a book, do something different? My "WIN" questions should be able to step up and answer what needs to be answered!

What's your "One Word" this year?

 and My "Win" image created on Pic EDU and shared here!

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