Wednesday, April 19, 2017

There's a New Podcast In Town: Begleyesque

Just in time for Earth Day ahead, there's a new podcast in town. (Actually, at this point, it's not as new as it used to be at the start of 2017!) This one is brought to you by Ed Begley, Jr. and his wife Rachelle Carson-Begley, and is called Begleyesque. Perhaps so we can all "speak-Begley!"

Ed Begly, Jr.'s name might sound slightly familiar to you as he's both a long-time actor (anyone remember St. Elsewhere?) and a mega-environmental activist. He practices what he preaches, living in a solar powered home, driving an electric car, and currently building a LEED Platinum-Certified house for their next home ("Our Green House with The Begleys"). He and Rachelle (also an actor) co-starred in the reality series "Living With Ed," which was shown on both HGTV and Discovery’s Planet Green.

Given all the "green" above, yes, this weekly podcast is about "living green." It's a fun mix of Hollywood celebrities and environmental innovators chatting with Mr. & Mrs. Begley. There's also a Q&A segment per episode, with the gameplan being "saving the planet one person or household at a time."

You can find it on their website, or subscribe at iTunes.

Episodes, to date, include:
  1. Introducing Begleyesque      (a very good place to start!)
  2. Going Green W/Jeff Goldblum
  3. Save Money, Save The Planet
  4. Moby Reveals His Real Name & Talks Veganism
  5. Green Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
  6. Sharon Lawrence Talks Water Pollution & Women Power
  7. Bill Nye Hijacks a Conversation With Frances Fisher
  8. Air Pollution: Causes, Effects, & Solutions
  9. Beth Grant Gets High Off Love
  10. Mike Farrell Talks JFK Assassination
  11. Michael Kaliski, Hollywood's Green Movie Guy
  12. Public Transportation vs. Uber vs. Biking
  13. Don Most Talks “Happy Days” & Vaudeville’s Comeback
  14. Oceana’s Keith Addis On Bait and Switch in Aquaculture
May the eco-inspiration over at Begleyeque get you geared up for Earth Day, just a few days away!

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