Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lifelong, Lasting Products Only: Sold Here

We've all had them... the favorite sweatshirt (mine was my dad's, stolen years ago, threadbare now), the favorite pillow, the favorite... whatever! We want it to last forever, and alak, alas, it just never happens. Like my sweatshirt, they become tattered, the paint might chip off the seasoned pan, or something happens that makes it just... not... last.

Well, it is with that premise that Tara Button founded "Buy Me Once."  Her philosophy:  "Let's throw away our throwaway culture." In doing so, we're helping ourselves, our wallet, our planet!

Here's Tara, telling a little bit more about her philosophy of finding and vetting long-lasting items to help our planet's sustainability... and keep our "stuff" out of the landfill!

BuyMeOnce has links to take you to their shopping site (and a boatload of brands built for longevity), articles, design challenges (for items to "stand the test of time" & challenging manufacturers to "do better"), gifts, and more.

She also invites you to email her brands that you feel should be on her site!

The articles and tips section has some great posts on throwing parties without bags-full of trash afterwards and more fun things too.  My favorite: "10 Books to Read for A Better You & A Better Planet."

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