Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day: Make a Difference Today, Continue the Education Tomorrow!

Earth Day 2017, here at last.

On this day we honor our planetary home, of course it begs the question: why not make every day Earth Day?

Some people do live their lives that way, and we've been looking at ways to do that all month long, here at GTG.

Given that, let today be a day you go out there and do something great for Mother Nature around you. It might involve a trash clean up, it might involve restoration of habitats or building new for your neighborhood birds. It might involve planting a tree, going for a hike, celebrating the natural world, turning off lights, conserving water, or dining on an organic meal.

Maybe too, it can include a commitment towards more than just a day. Maybe a habit change. Maybe a pursuit of knowledge and education.  Click the "hot spots" in the Thinklink below to go directly to a myriad of environmentally educational videos to build your knowledge base. (Or click the Thinklink link above!) The more you know, the more you care!

Let me know what you are pursuing this Earth Day. What big or small difference can you make today, tomorrow, or even every day this week/month/year ahead?!

Earth Day Every Day Graphic made using, Thinglink clickable graphic made using and the following images:, 

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