Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Huffington Post #Reclaim Food Waste

I wrote earlier about Huffington Post Original Series "Sustainable Self."  At the time I wrote it, there were only a few videos.  Now they're up to 9 mini-movies, with the most recent posted just last week. No doubt, there's more to come.

But the Huffington Post isn't ready to just stop with sustainability.  They've got another mini-movie series called #Reclaim.

The rational behind creating #Reclaim:
  • 1/3 of all food produced worldwide goes to waste.
  • 800,000,000+ people go to bed hungry world wide.
  • Food waste generates over 3 billion tons of greenhouse gasses.
  • In America alone, 40% of the food goes uneaten due to waste.
  • In America, 15+ million children do not have enough food to eat.
From their website, here is their mission through #Reclaim:
"Our food waste campaign is the latest expression of our global What's Working initiative, which aims to empower our audience to positively change the world by highlighting the art of the possible."

In addition to raising awareness, the Huffington Post also has several key action plans in motion to help petition for less food waste, tackling the distribution problems that get the food where it is needed.

Their current Youtube #Reclaim playlist is up to 15 videos:

Here are the current 15 titles to check out in the HuffPost #Reclaim series.  They were posted between July to September, 2016.

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