Saturday, October 1, 2016

Shout Out to Sprout: The Plantable Pencil

Graveyard-destined pencils:

We've all seen them. Parents have, adults have, kids have... but teachers probably have the most. The stubbiest little pencil that leave you wondering why on Earth that kid is even still using them. But, for whatever reason, kids love them, and hold on to them until you can sneak them away, for always and forever.

What if you could bring new life to that li'l guy?

Sprout is a company that is all about doing just that. Created by 3 MIT students who were given the task to “design the sustainable office article of tomorrow,” the plantable pencil was born. They are bringing sustainability to this classroom classic consumable, by having their pencils pocket a seed inside.  When the pencil is ready to move on, it literally can be buried in your backyard garden or planter.  Pencils are labeled with what their ultimate harvest will be. They have a flower, herb, and vegetable variety of regular pencils, as well as a colored pencil set too.

These two videos will you you some shout outs about the ins & outs of Sprout!

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