Saturday, September 17, 2016

Turning Trash to Telephone Cases

When you start talking both #eco and #iTechnology, you've grabbed my attention.

Add in  innovation...and that came about from teens?! Pretty impressive.

Alicia Barron at Upworthy posed a great quote in her article:
"Recycling should be as simple as buying a can of soda at a vending machine, right?"
Who doesn't agree?! The simpler that recycling and waste reduction can be, the more we all will do it.
5 high schoolers from a Sicilian, Italy town tried to see what they could do with this concept. And what did they do? They created a prototype that made recycling that simple! They created a vending machine that encourages people to deposit their plastic bottles there upon finishing with them.  The machine then grinds the bottles to plastic pellets, which are then melted to plastic filament that is then extruded through a 3D printer, where the students craft phone cases made from their specially designed 3D printer.

Kudos to Marco Tomasello, Daniele Caputo, Vincenzo Virruso, Vittorio Maggiore, Toni Taormina, and their teacher, Daniela Russo!  With team work and innovation, their project won the AXA Italia Social Impact Award.

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