Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Back to School QR Code Ice Breakers

This school year is exciting for me because I'm back to Tech, going into all the grade levels: Preschool to 5th. Some of my favorite students are my beloved faculty and colleagues!

Here's part of my bulletin board outside my Tech office at school.  Using a QR code generator online, I started created codes loaded with the questions below.  I popped them all into a word document to make for easy printing. (This is my cheat sheet so I know "what's what" once it is in my files). I then cut the codes off and put them on shapes for a ready-made investigation board.   I've opened it up for students and faculty/staff to grab an iPad and a QR scanner app, check out the questions, then share their answers with me.  Can't wait to hear their responses!!

Document created by me, from

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