Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ringing in the New Year with UpWorthy & Gratitutde

I think UpWorthy is one of my new favorite websites and FaceBook pages.  I love how "good" the "meatiness" is. You walk away feeling vindicated...that comfy feeling you get when you are with like-minded individuals.  From their About & FAQ page, this part details their mission beautifully:

"We're a mission-driven media company. We're not a newspaper — we'd rather speak truth than appear unbiased. And we're not a political campaign — we're more interested in the powerless versus the powerful than in Democrats versus Republicans. 
But we do have a point of view. We're pro-gay-marriage, and we're anti-child-poverty. We think the media is horrible to women, we think climate change is real, and we think the government has a lot to learn from the Internet about efficiency, disruption, and effectiveness."
My latest UpWorthy find is about the 365 Grateful project.  Here on New Year's Day, it seems like another good way to refocus your perspective.  Watch the video below to watch creator Hailey Bartholomew describe her vision for how to "shift her vision" through a photo a day paired with gratitude.  She succinctly discusses how gratitude changed her, her marriage, her clarity for life, and her ability to truly see the wealth that surrounds her (both in life and in nature).

[Click here or here if there becomes an issue with the playback for the video.] from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

The wheels in my mind are turning after watching this--both personally and professionally.  Personally, I have seen the healing power in the past that gratitude can bring.  During a really difficult time in my history (roughly 15-20 years ago), I compiled a list of 100 things I was thankful for.  It took 2 months. Being visual, I think the photo element of this could capture a true historical snapshot!  Professionally, I am finding myself contemplating ways I could craft this idea into an iMovie, Smilebox, or iPad lesson activity.  The beauty of gratitude is that it works for any age.

Before I close, I think there's a question that needs to be asked--one that only you can answer for you:

What photo would you take today?  What are you grateful for du jour?

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