Friday, January 17, 2014

Taking Action to Save the Crab Cake

My husband and I went out to dinner at a really nice Annapolis last Saturday night.  After a hard week, it was quite a delightful escape.  Here's an image I am certainly glad I did NOT see on my decorative dinner plate:

No matter what, there's no wine on the list that goes with "crap cake."

Chesapeake Bay Foundation has made a pretty pointed advertisement about what is wrong with our waterways.  Their main target:  water runoff--especially that which picks up the junk like floating trash (which is primarily plastic that never biodegrades), sediment, puppy "poo," the oil you dump down the drain, and the fertilizer & pesticides of farming/lawn grooming.  The "crap," if you will.

The lack of storm water management slides all this pollution and muck into the rivers and streams, and gives waterways like the Chesapeake Bay the poor health scores they've been getting.

By clicking here, you can go directly to Chesapeake Bay Foundation's site to make a little extra noise with the Maryland legislature.  You can insert your zip code and a letter will come up (which you can modify), readily addressed to alert your Maryland legislative representatives that you'd prefer more crab (and less crap) in your crab cakes.  It's a great way to take action and help make an environmental difference.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation - Saving a National Treasure

Disturbing image and logo both  from

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