Monday, January 27, 2014

E-STEM = Adding the Environment to STEM Education

STEM is definitely becoming one of the major buzzwords in the educational field these days.  For those of you who might have missed that memo, STEM stands for:

A great addition that I have seen is STEAM, where the A is the addition of Art.  In fact, I just ran across a fabulous resource over at the We Are Teachers' blog entitled:  "60 apps for Teaching STEAM."  (I bet you can figure out what it's all about.) just keeps getting better.  Kudos to Rick Reynolds & his Prezi presentation for introducing me to E-STEM.  Here, the initial E stands for Environment.  It marries two of my favorite subjects, and two ideas that go well together "naturally."   Check it out by watching the Prezi found here.  (Click Rick's name above to check out his handful of other great environmental education presentations.)

As the Prezi shared, you can download the Oregon Environmental plan at

STEM icons from
Rick Reynolds' Prezi from:

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