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Digital Learning Day

Hip Hip Hooray! Let’s Hear it for…
Digital Learning Day

When? Wed., Feb. 5, 2014

What is it?
Quoted from the Digital Learning Day website:
"A nationwide celebration of innovator teachers and common sense, effective applications of digital leaning America's schools that support teachers, improve learning, and provide options for students to achieve at their highest potential.... We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn in a robust digital environment EVERY DAY with the goal of success in college and a career. Common sense and effective applications of digital learning should be fully integrated into all of American's schools, libraries, and homes to promote life-long learning and good citizenship."
Where to find out more?
The Digital Learning Day Website includes tools, tool kits, lesson plans & activity ideas. Listed on site by content areas and by tool, the "Tools for Everyone" link has a wealth of websites.   Also be sure to check out the Tip of the Day page:

The Goal?
To have every student and every teacher take part in Digital Learning Day in AT LEAST ONE WAY that day!! This can be whole class, small group, or individually!

Ideas to serve as a springboard of things you can do for Digital Learning Day:

1. Invite a "bring your own device" day for learning activities.

2. Tie in with other curricular activities and thematic units. 100's Day for many schools is getting near.

3. Go to the Computer Lab for some online research or learning games. There are some excellent choices here on my 3rd Grade ECS Homeroom Page.

4. Check out my EdTech or iPad Landia Pinterest pages for some great ideas.

5. Visit some of your favorite or thematic BrainPops.

6. Do one of the Hour of Code activities to give kids an intro to coding:

7. Make a graph with the Create a Graph website:

OR Plan an IPad activity and have kids.....(App names are in color)

8. Take part in a QR code quest or activity you create or find online.

9. Notate a picture or make an acrostic using Skitch.

10. Make a Popplet word web (& add pics!).

11. Make an iMovie infomercial about a book or topic .

12. Use Educreations or Screen Chomp to define a math or social studies concept.

13. Play a math, geography, or language skill game.

14. Locate famous landmarks and locations on Google Earth.

15. Use the Spanish translator apps to look up spelling or vocabulary words.

16. Use the Dictionary app to find definitions or synonyms.

17. Use the Convert Unit app to find measurement conversions.

18. Use Motivation to define a term, concept, Valentine word, character trait, or even a story character.

19. Use Scribble Press or Toontastic to write a story.

20. Use Story Wheel as a whole class to “spin and pass” to tell an oral story.

21. Use Venn Diagram to highlight comparisons & contractions on a subject.

22. Use Sock Puppet to create a 30-second animated video on a concept or character trait.

23. Write a "magnetic word poem" with Word Mover.

24. Create a Trading Card (with that app) of a real or fictional person or place.

25. Use a musical apps to create the soundtrack for a reading book, novel, or read-aloud.

26. Use the stopwatch or alarm feature to time relays or create "beat the clock" challenges.

27. Use one of the Scrap It apps, or anything else in the Art or Creativity/Writing department to make a Valentine's card.

28. Investigate animal sights, sounds, & data on the Pocket Zoo app.

29. Check out websites like Free Technology for Teachers or iPad Apps for School. These both are written by an EdTech teacher named Richard Byrne. Both sites have a boatload of information, apps, ideas, website links, and brilliance!!

30. Learn a new app to teach yourself and your kids something new! The only limits? The sky and your own imagination!!! Use this opportunity to have fun with your students and fun with teaching!!

Happy Digital Learning!

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