Monday, February 24, 2014

A Smorgasbord of Eco Articles

This week has been a rather uber-busy one (when are they not any more?!). Given that, even when there’s not time to sit down and read up on eco/edtech news, there’s always seems to be time for me to do a quick swipe through Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest. Of course, there’s not always time to read my finds…. and then what I find is that I have emailed myself a boatload of things to read.

So, today, I’m giving you a collection of my latest finds in the eco world that are definitely worth taking the time to read. Here’s a little smorgasbord trio of links for you!

#1:  Kindergartner Takes Down Trash
(From HuffingtonPost 2-20-2014)

This is a feel-good article that serves as a great way to counteract the 7 lbs of trash per day that the average person generates (yikes!).  It just goes to show you how much one person can do when they stand up for their convictions. (Even more impressive when that 1 person is a 6 year old!)   (Added bonus—a great link for how to build a trash free lunch.)

#2:  Is Outdoor Education the Way of the Future
(From Treehugger 2-21-2014)

Outdoors might be a suggested way to beat the boredom, dull the drudgery, and activate some excitement & alert the senses.  All of this in turn can potentially lead to better focused, nature- & nuance-centric kids. Three cheers for environmental education!

#3:  See How Climate Change is Affecting Your Backyard with This Map
From  2-4-2014)

Here’s an interesting worldwide map interactive map that you can click through to see how severe climate change has progressed over the years. Using NASA technology, you can find “you” on the map and see how the climate data changes. It’s no spoiler alert to tell you that the further north you go, the more significant the change.

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