Saturday, February 8, 2014

Climate -vs- Weather: Just Because There's Snow Doesn't Mean There Isn't "Global Warming"

This weekend I'm attemding my annual environmental conference that I have attended the last 5 of 6 years.  MAEOE (otherwise known as "The Maryland Association of Environmental and Outdoor Educators") is a great conference, and I look forward to it every year.  Ironically, the one year I wasn't able to attend, a massive snow wiped out the conference, canceling & postponing it to another weekend where I already had out of town plans. Of course it was the year I was planning on doing a joint presentation--so my "partner in green" had to do it alone.
Walking dog in the snow

Well this weekend, that same eco-friend of mine showed me the following clip from Rachel Maddow on climate change.  The reason?  I was telling him about some Facebook people I know who are berating the existence of climate change based on the snow levels the Midwest is getting this year.  Their stance:  Clearly if we have snow (and a lot of it), we have no "global warming" (which, by the way, is more commonly known now as "climate change.")

He shared this video, dating back to February 2010, to serve as the perfect rebuttal.  Bill Nye helps make that point alongside Rachel Maddow.  Despite it being a 4 year old video clip, it's still "right as rain," serving indeed as the right comeback.  A beautiful comeback!

Not to mention, here's a really great infographic, originally found here:

Image from (where there's another great article on this subject)
Video from
Infographic from

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