Monday, September 2, 2013

A Newbie in the Eco-World I Call Home

Our family of 4 has now expanded. 
We are now a family of 4, 2 canines, and some fish.

Welcome to Faolán, our "Little Wolf" or "River Gift," Portuguese Water Dog. A descendent of our former dog Nemo (who has since passed), who was born (Faolán's great great grandpappy was our Nemo's daddy).  Our then-pup, just as our now-pup, was from the same breeder that helped bring Bo to the White House.  

Allergies overrode rescue dogs in our house. Yet puppy lovin' is high!!!  (Our 3-year-old Shih-Poo isn't quite so sure yet, though!)

May we sleep tonight!!!

(Not to mention, the first week of school this week!!)

Images from our camera!

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