Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to School Celebrating 20 Years of Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye The Science Guy
It's back to school time (we started just this week), and it's that time of year that is symbolic with learning... and of course, back to school.  Along those lines, this fall marks the 20th anniversary of the Bill Nye The Science Guy!  In fact, we're just a few days shy of that anniversary.  According to Wikipedia, the show debuted on Sept. 10th, 1993 and ran its 100 episodes until June 20, 1998.

In recent years, Bill Nye has come out even stronger on his climate change stance, and has received some "heat" on the subject by some folks who STILL aren't quite buying it (or his scientific stance on evolution and more).  But, to be seeing this "Science Guy" saying the same things (yet stronger) here for two decades is quite telling.  More so as the "ppm" ("parts per million") of carbon dioxide continue to go up and far exceed the recommended 350 ppm for climate stability and environmental safety. (We are currently over 400 ppm of CO2--all of which can lead toward excessive and erratic weather, warming of oceans, melting of polar ice caps, and more.)

It's a problem that hasn't gone away yet...much like the fact that we all are all still fighting the "Earth Day" fight, 40+ years later.  Interestingly enough, burying our heads in the sand isn't solving it either.  Maybe it'll help as he hits the dance floor on mainstream television's show "Dancing With the Stars" this fall.

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