Friday, August 30, 2013

Apple Recycling

It's no surprise to anyone--2 of my favorite topics are "eco" and "edtech."  

Hence this little world:  Green Team Gazette.

Earth911 reported today that Apple has put into place an iPhone trade-in policy, called "Reuse and Recycle."

How does it work?  Head to the Apple Store the next time you want to upgrade your phone--and take your old one.  The odds of getting a trade in (with a monetary saving toward your new phone) for it are on the rise.  In doing this, it catches Apple up to where other cellular providers/manufactures have been for awhile. (Apple does have a recycling program in place for iPhones/products that are in disrepair for awhile, yet at no charge--signalling the difference in this new policy.)

Given the fact that annually, 135 million cell phones (in the US alone) go to landfill (and even more to the junk drawer), this could be a major eco pro!  Check out the infographic below from Sprint.

Courtesy of Sprint

Infographic from; iPhone pic a screenshot from my phone.

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