Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Sights of Western Massachusetts

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

August in Western Massachusetts presents you with some stunning sights. A shock of red or orange in a vista of green trees is probably one of the biggest. How can the leaves be changing color already? Not many, but that hint that autumn is around the bend. The dramatically cooler low 70's lean toward that hint too...even when it seems its been a mild August with unseasonably mild month.

Other remarkable & memorable Mass sights this week:

Stacks and stacks of firewood awaiting the winter ahead of fireplaces and wood stoves. I've never seen such volumes of firewood...but then again, I've never had to prep for a New England winter!! (This pic is such a slight fraction. We passed a few establishments that had multiple piles of wood in the parking lot...the picture not captured!)

Windmills (er..."wind turbines") and solar panels everywhere. Noticeably so!! An environmental sight to behold. (More on this in a future post.). There's quite a sustainability contingent up in the Berkshires. We composted food at the end of the meals at our lodge, Stump Sprouts. (There was also an out building with a solar shower there.) We also used a composting bathroom at Hilltown Wilderness Adventures and saw other features of their Eco Village including their eco-cabin & green house; there was recycling galore everywhere we went; & we found many organic dining establishments with a wealth of vegetarian options.

The dimensionally greenness! The hills and mountains of the Berkshires gave such a rich picture of a hearty, woodlandish summery outdoors. Great hiking, biking, & swimming hole territory!! Especially beautiful was the Chesterfield Gorge, a National Wild & Scenic River.

The tallest mountain of Massachusetts (Mount Greylock) and an amazing view.

Sled dogs! They're not just for Alaska or winter time anymore. Fabulous experience at Hilltown Wilderness Adventures with Marla!! Puppy kisses for everyone!

The Eric Carle Museum, with a special gallery on Knuffle Bunny's Mo Willems. A double win for this house!!

Mass MoCA (= Museum of Contemporary Art) was another eye opening museum. Where else can you find dragons made or reusable materials and fountains made from styrofoam block?

But no bear or moose...
tho definitely signs of that a bear had been there!

And good people. Everywhere we went, people were amazing. A true climate of kindness. Kindness, sustainability, and the richness of the outdoors...a true and genuine find, and the makings of a good vacation.

Quote from http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/. Pics from my camera.

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