Sunday, August 18, 2013

PadCamp 2013

It might be safe to say that I am an EdCamp Fanatic. Everything about these speaks to my inner edtech aficionado: a free, energizing, personal learning opportunity geared toward an educator getting the most of the experience, learning from your peers, and a high likelihood of being able to use something you learned the very next day.

This past August 8th's was the 3rd annual PadCamp in Galloway Township, NJ.  As per usual, it did not disappoint!  Especially since the last 2 years I just missed it for one reason or another--this year I was determined to make it happen for me--and it did!!  I made it to PadCamp.

Here is a ThingLink I created with a few clickable links to my favorite PadCamp hotspots using their logo.

Some of my other favorite take-aways:

The 11 am session with Brad Currie was great, and perhaps my favorite.  Brad is a Middle School Vice Principal/Supervision of Instruction for Chester, New Jersey's school district.  You can find him on Twitter (which he whole-heartedly promoted for professional development) at @bcurrie5.  He talked about what's on his iPad (see the PadCamp session notes here), and just talked a lot about this social media world we are in.  This interconnectedness through social media can broaden your role as a "lead learner" and help you have a true wealth of professional resources.  I'd say that's true, whatever your field of study and interest--it's not just an #edtech sort of thing!  I like too how he stressed that you didn't need to think you had to know everything in order to teach in a mobile device environment.  It's all about student engagement, and helping the kids to create and share.  I like too his philosophy that kids should be exposed to multiple types of devices as that only builds skills.  A multi-platform approach (rather than strictly an iModel) leads to higher capabilities.

Brad also introduced us all to "Digital Learning Day."  This year, it'll be on Feb 5, 2014.  Go forth and commit to using your mobile devices in school to learn that day!!  

Blogs in the #edtech field that Brad endorsed:

Additionally, a great way to approach twitter is through one of the many teacher chats on Twitter--see Cybraryman's page for a comprehensive list of these!!

Another great session was in the 4th block, entitled "Let's Talk About Apps for Elementary Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reading, Problem Solving, etc."  The session notes ended up being very detailed, with lots of reading and math apps shared!

Definitely a day of a lot of sharing, good ideas, and great takeaways!  If you haven't checked out an EdCamp near you, you need to!  Every time I check their wikispaces calendar, there are always new ones added!!  And you always go home re-energized and with a slew of new ideas!

Images:  PadCamp pic using a screenshot of my iPhone apps and the app Motivational Poster,  PadCamp pic from logo, adapted with clickable buttons at .  Digital Learning Day photo from

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