Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kerpoof & Brainpop ~ United!

Last night, I participated in an online webinar co-sponsored by Brainpop and Kerpoof.  Although I've used BrainPop many times, and I knew a little bit about Kerpoof (see GTG's GETABC series:  "K = Kerpoof")... you won't believe what a difference an hour makes!

Doing the " my PJs" (as is on the Brainpop website's webinar promo, advertising their professional development), wasn't half bad either!!

To see the archive of what I saw ("Navigating the Writing Process with Kerpoof and BrainPOP"), check out their Upcoming Webinars and Webinar Achives. 

Here's a little "Go Green" poster I whipped up in about 15 minutes after the webinar.  I made it on Kerpoof, just to try it out with my new skills.  I used their "Make a Card" activity button, which is programmed with an Earth Day Card choice and all the associated icons.  It makes for a pretty impressive presentation! (Of course, hindsight does show I accidentally cropped out my final word "Day" on the "Earth Day" bubble, but you get the idea!!)

Not to mention, both sites have some super resources and lesson plans for teachers, and BrainPop has some great graphic organizers.
So my wheels are spinning as mental activities & plans are brewing.  My class set of login cards are created (what a nice Kerpoof-perk!), printed, laminated, and ready to hit the computer lab with my classroom of kiddos!

Images:  Kerpoof from, Brainpop from, and Go Green Kerpoof poster my design at

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