Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bein' Green, This Halloween

Ask just about any kid in America what the upcoming holiday is this Monday, and they'll look at you like you're nuts if you don't know. 

Halloween 2010: Me as book
character "Michael Recycle"

It's Halloween Season!  Costumes are chosen, laid out, and ready to be worn for trick-or-treating.  Candy consumption no doubt is up!  Kids are prepped and ready!
Even though the colors of Halloween are traditionally orange and black, it's pretty easy to add some green in there too.  Wondering how to go from a "dark and spooky Halloween" to a "darkened green Halloween?"  Check out some of these links below to green your Halloween routine... and worst case scenario, mark your 2012 calendar to plan ahead with some of these great idea.
Me, Halloween 2009 as
Terracycle's Capri Sun Queen

(including the Plastic Creeps Contest)

Pictures of me, from my digital scrapbook; Plastic Free Halloween, from

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