Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just a Dream? Just a Reality

You know your message is getting across, when one of your students... one of your 3rd graders.... someone who's only been hanging out with you for 2 months at this point in the school year, comes to you, all a-lit.  

The scenario:  The class came back from Library class today, with books in tow.  One of my gals, the one who returned all a-glow, came up to me to share what she'd found.  The book:  "Just a Dream" by Chris Van Allsburg.  She couldn't wait to tell me all about it, and it's environmental theme.  She just knew I'd appreciate Walter, his wayward litterbug ways, his dream of an environmentally-trashed world and his realization of his role as a major contributer to this world.  In the light of the day the next morning, Walter has a new vision, and a new way of living.

I was touched by the fact that my 3rd grade gal-pal couldn't wait to hear what my thoughts were on her book choice.  It was important to her because she knew all-things-green were important to me.  Not to mention, I totally agree--she's got great taste in literature!!

If you don't know this book...check it out.  Here are some other links for "Just a Dream," if you are looking for a way to integrated it into your classroom:

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