Sunday, September 5, 2010

Darkening Our Shade of Green: Juice Pouch Recycling


Nope...not a batting average or an address.  259 = the number of Capri Sun Juice Pouches we collected at school this past week (as saved by many over the summer since this is now our 3rd year of collecting pouches for  Yes, I know it's back to school season when I have a boatload of pouches in my sink on a Saturday morning.  I find it my "Zen" part of the weekend. 

As part of being a 3rd grader at Eagle Cove School (, Capri Suns comes with it.  We are the collectors & counters of the juice pouch.  As part of their indoctrination, before our first outting to go collect the classroom juice pouch containers, third graders watched this powerpoint I created and the video links associated.  (With SlideShare, the videos embedded in the Powerpoint don't seem to be live--hence the rectangles with X's, but you can get there by clicking the links.) 

If you are looking to earn a little extra money for your school--2 cents per pouch--check out to sign up.  You might also find this presentation helpful in educating your youngsters as you embark on Terracycle's Juice Pouch Brigade.

You'll also find other curriculum at Terracycle's site created by the Cloud Institute of Sustainability.  To check out more, go to .

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