Saturday, April 17, 2021

John Kerry, Al Gore, TED Talks Daily, & The Paris Climate Agreement

About a year and a half ago, back before there was a global pandemic, I was gifted tickets to see John Kerry at the Baltimore Speaker Series on Sept. 24, 2019. The Myerhoff Symphony Hall was a dynamic setting to see this former US Secretary of State, Vietnam Veteran (with multiple awards including 3 Purple Hearts, a Silver Star, and a Bronze Star Medal), former Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, US Senator, author, and the 2004 Democratic nominee for President of the US (who lost to George W. Bush). He spoke so eloquently and intelligently on many of his past experiences as well as on climate change.  It was a refreshing and rewarding evening hearing his thoughts on so many poignant topics we were facing in 2019.

I happened upon John Kerry again about a month ago on one of my new favorite podcasts: TED Talks Daily. He was featured with Al Gore in a longer than typical TED Talks Daily episode. The reason? It was February 2021 and as the US had just rejoined the Paris Agreement. Yay! As Biden's choice for Special Presidential Envoy for Climate he was having a sit down with former Vice President and climate expert, advocate, and Nobel Laureate Al Gore to discuss the return and all that's at stake with climate change here in 2021 and. going forward. 

Again, it was a refreshing and rewarding conversation, and just perfect to pay attention to here in the pre-season of Earth Day ahead! You can watch below, at TED, or find it through Apple Podcasts. 

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