Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Earth Day 2021: Restore Our Earth

Earth Day is officially April 22nd. However, this year, with the 2021 theme being "Restore Our Earth," those at EarthDay.org are combining with leaders at Education International, Hip Hop Caucus, and Earth Uprising to create a 3-day Call to Action: April 20--22nd. Given that, we are right in the thick of things, and I'm posting a bit early so you can take full advantage of what is morphing into Earth Week.

All 4 of these organizations are creating 3 parallel climate action summits set to happen two days prior (on April 20th & 21st) as a lead in to Biden's global leaders climate summit on Earth Day. Topics of these summits will be climate literacy, environmental justice, and youth-centric environmental issues. Activists will come in all forms: educators, artists, musicians, researchers, and it will become an official "Second Annual Earth Day Live." If 2020 showed us nothing, it's that we can do a whole lot of learning via zoom!

The Timeline:

April 20th:  A 4-hour digital summit with plenty of the leading young climate activists will stream. Leaders like Greta Thunberg, Alexandria VillaseƱor (Founder of Earth Uprising), Licypriya Kangujam (9-year-old Climate & Environmental Activist), and many more will voice what they hope Biden will address at his climate summit. This level of listening from top presidential leadership is new.

April 20th evening:   The Hip Hop Caucus (and partners) will hold their "We Shall Breathe" virtual summit, looking at environmental justice through the lens of the pandemic and racial justice. 

April 21:  Education International's "Teach for the Planet: Global Education Summit" will be held virutally with a variety of activists from across the globe. Their focus will be on environmental education, especially as it is tied to addressing climate change.

April 22nd: Running congruently to the Biden administration global climate summit will be the live Earth Day digital event sponsored by Earthday.org. Livestream will happen starting at noon Eastern time with a variety of workshops, discussions, and performances all centered around this year's theme. 

Anytime:  For 51 ways you can do something today, tomorrow, or any day, check out Earthday.org's list!

Watch. Take part. Learn. Do something. Make a difference. Restore our Earth. Celebrate Earth Day.

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