Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Change & Growth-Notes from Nature

I have some posts doing some brain-brewing, but based on my bandwidth (as mentioned in my last post), they haven't made it to either paper or computer.

But as I sit outside writing this today, on a pretty pristine, low humidity day, I'm struck by this poem from 1000 Hours Outside's Facebook page. I've been a fan of the concept of 1000 hours outdoors for awhile, and have monitored my summer "outside" hours both last year and the year before.... This year too I'm making my tallies once again. I'll have more to follow as we get to the start of September.

The pandemic time has certainly been a time for reflection--because "time" is the one thing we do readily & easily have! That gift of time! Change is on the horizon for educators as they continue to grow their tools to use them in new ways of teaching. Teachers have the change of getting to know new students and creating that new community of "our" learners. We have an election ahead this fall, which potentially could bring about change. We have the annual, cyclical rotation of change in our own homes, which bring about transitions and new milestones, new grade levels for our kids, new experiences. This poem equates growth and change together, two peas-in-a-pod, if you will. These words make for a thoughtful outdoor-centric reflection and meditation on all of the above.

May we all find and truly see the undercurrent of new possibilities, growth, and change. We can always thrive, and sometimes do the most, when we are in a season of change.

Poem image from 100 Hours Outside's Facebook Page: ; butterfly pic from

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