Saturday, May 2, 2020

Revisiting the Concept of Scrubbing With A Smarter Soap

These days, it's all about washing our hands. It's our best line of defense against germs and disease to wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

Two companies have taken an environmentally sustainable mindset approach to soap that keeps the planet in mind. In doing so, they both attack the overuse of plastic, which then leads to plastic pollution.

I mentioned Forgo (from the Swedish company Form Us With Love) in my previous PBS Design Squad post. Forgo's innovation has us adding their soap powder with water to create a foaming hand soap. In doing so, it eliminates plastic pollution because of the refill and reuse concept. Forgo started on Kickstarter earlier this year with deliveries are expected for July 2020.

Another company with a similar approach is Blueland. Their approach is to add a tablet to water to create hand soap.. They also have other cleaning supplies that are tablet-based such as multi-surface, bathroom, or window/mirror cleaners. Blueland's mission statement is very environmentally-centered.

As more and more of our shopping happens online to be able to shop while keeping health in mind, these are two great approaches that may serve you and your family well while also helping our planet. I've not tried Blueland and Forgo is still coming, but these certainly are products worth checking out!

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