Saturday, May 23, 2020

Nature = Necessity Not Amenity

In reading a Business Insider article by Anna Mederis Miller entitled "Stop Shaming People Going Outside," I ran across the quote from University of Chicago physchologist Marc Berman: "Our research has found that nature is not an amenity — it's a necessity." It inspired me to make this graphic:

It speaks to the heart of "Green Team Gazette." There are numerous studies about the physical and mental benefits to children and adults alike about the reasons to be outside.

In this techie world, where "zoom fatigue" is certainly a thing this season. It requires more focus to read non-verbal cues, expression, voice tone, body language, and more. All of that require energy. For those of us who are not extroverts or fans of "selfie nation," there's also the added piece of seeing ourselves midst meeting. It's all an exhaustive zap on our energy, and the conversation (especially with larger numbers on a zoom call) feels stilted and unnatural.

We need to be out and about (while maintaining safe physical distancing due to maintaining good health in the pandemic) to help neutralize the negative effects of the home isolation and the tech saturation.

Another quote that struck me in the Business Insider article:
"The general principle should be: Outside is better than inside; open is better than closed; fewer is better than more people; and stay away from sick people," from Dr. Erich Anderer, a neurosurgeon and founding member of the North Brooklyn Runners.
So hopefully on the day you read this, you have a good outside-kind-of-day, and you can mark some time to spend outside. Kids aren't the only one who benefit from being outside! Happy Memorial Day weekend! Be safe out there and remember whatever your plans, be conscious of others by following your local safety and health guidelines, wearing a mask when needed as well as maintaining physical distance to keep help eliminate the spreading of this wickedly contagious coronavirus!

The Benefits of Outdoor Free Play - Bring Back Children’s Play
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