Saturday, May 16, 2020

60 Seconds with Jane Goodall

I started thinking about numbers, especially in relation to time:

60 seconds make a minute.
60 minutes make an hour.
24 hours make a day.
7 days make a week.
52 weeks make a year.
1 person makes a difference.
1000 people make infinite differences.

I think my numerical inspiration came from the episode of 60 Second Science Podcast with Scientific American's Steve Mirsky where he talks with Jane Goodall. Jane Goodall always seems to be my touchstone of environmentalism. In part, because she was a visitor to my long ago when I was teaching at Maryland Green School Gibson Island Country School/Eagle Cove... and partly because she exudes such grace, hope, optimism, and patience. She's been working on behalf of the environment and conservation for a long time... yet she never gives up the good fight.

In the podcast episode "Jane Goodall: We Can Learn from This Pandemic," her calm voice of wisdom continues to be the same direct and patient voice is always is. I was contemplating her thoughts on how she hopes we might change as a result of the pandemic. Her words about how we need to rethink and reconsider materialism and consumerism versus minimalism and living lighter on the land certainly struck a chord with me.  Imagine that world where true balance was achieved--economically, environmentally, inspirationally, spiritually, medically, politically, and more. Sounds rather healthy to me.

After weeks have now turned to months of sheltering in place and living more simply in order to maintain our health--all due to a virus that has run out of control and tackled our planet, maybe, just maybe, it is indeed time to reconsider, recalibrate, and readjust for the health and well-being of us all.

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