Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Caring For Mother Nature--One Beach At A Time

As a teacher, I have all of these summer projects on my to-do list--many of them having to do with
home improvements. Anything from decluttering to downright overhaul. Most days, reading a good book, writing a blog post, hanging in the backyard pool, or binge watching the latest show get in the way. (Perhaps I need to work on my willpower and motivation!)

Certainly, here is an inspiration we all can take to heart. It will perhaps make you question "what are YOU doing?" Seventy-year-old Pat Smith, equal parts environmentalist and grandmother, took on a personal and planetary mission: to clean one beach a week for all of 2018. It's amazing what a difference one person can do!

This video gives both Pat Smith's story, showcasing her efforts, as well as helping to inspire


Her plan for 2019: spreading the word about the perils of plastic. Do we really need that plastic grocery bag or drinking straw? She's inspired some of her local eateries to move beyond the plastic straw.

Hats off to Pat Smith. What can you do today to follow in her footsteps at creating a cleaner community where you live?

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