Saturday, July 28, 2018

Bar Shampoo: A Plastic-Free Variety

 Most of us probably spend more time singing in the shower rather than thinking about our carbon footprint or plastic footprint. "We're too busy washing that man right out of our hair" or just taking care of the business of being clean.

But our bathrooms have plenty of plastic that we use on a daily basis.
It's the 2nd most plastic-wasteful room in our house.

What if we could change all of that?

Shampoo bars might be the key. Much like a bar of soap, a shampoo bar is a molded bar of ... you guessed it: shampoo. But the environmental (and economic) impact can be huge.

Companies that have jumped on the Shampoo Bar bandwagon include Lush, One Earth Body Care, Aquarian Bath, Stirling Soap Co., Chagrin Valley, Apple Valley and probably a gazillion more on Plus, there's a slew of recipes online for the DIY variety. I've not used bar shampoo yet, but this video alone got me certainly thinking about trying some out!

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