Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Recycling Mistakes We All Make

In the category of "This bums me out a bit," I ran across this video posted by "We Can Save The World." It details 5 recycling mistakes we all make. Sad but true, this eco warrior has at one time or another made all of these. Additionally, I learned a thing or two here in watching it this morning.

Luckily, they offer a few suggestions that serve as helpful hints.

Here are a few other things you can do to be proactive with your recycling efforts and help minimize waste, helping to swing the pendulum the other way (if you, like me, is a tad bummed out after watching):
  • Keep bringing your reusable bags with you to the store--or refuse them if you are only purchasing one or two items.
  • Drop your wire hangers back off at the dry cleaner so they can reuse them.
  • Get some stainless steel or paper straws--or just say "no thanks" when you are offered them.  I think I might look into portable, collapsible ones like the Final Straw!
  • Save those gift bags and reuse them when giving gifts, or get creative with material and other reusable covering.

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