Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Bounty of Food Related Books

This summer I've been eating up books. Of course, not literally, but one of the best parts of summer
time for teachers.

When I was writing about Food Tank, I happened on their wealth of resources, including reading lists. If you are looking for a little literal "food for thought," here's a bounty of food related books: 100+ books from these 6 lists alone. Click the + hot spot icon to go to the webpages.

After looking at all of these lists, I think these are the ones that are initially "whetting my appetite," making me eager "take a bite out of" them!
Additionally, I'm going to check out the monthly podcast "Real Food Reads" hosted by Anna Lappé as a virtual book club, discussing many of the books listed in the links above!

We already knew it, but clearly there's too many books, too little time!

Interactive infographic created at and
Book list links if the graphic doesn't work:

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