Wednesday, June 27, 2018

BYOB: Bring Your Own Bowl

BYO Singapore has the right idea. It's a major non-governmental push to help Singapore eliminate waste of any sort... especially when it comes time for the doggie bag of leftovers at the end of your dinner time date night, and restaurant eve outing.

This video from New Zealand has its twist:  "Bring Your Own Bowl."

Even from in my own house, we have an over-abundance of cheap plastic containers from take out/delivery in our cabinets (which certainly is preferable to the Styrofoam clam-shell or the single-use plastic ones ones so many places send you home with). Add in, we have various degrees of Tupperware containers or old butter tubs; though, my personal favorite is glass ones with plastic lids given the degradability of plastic over time. The cabinets usually are over-run and at some point, the recycle bin gets hit up with all the ones with no lids or that got mangled for one reason or another.

Wouldn't it just make more sense to plan ahead and take your own takeaway container? I personally love the idea! It's one step closer to zero waste, and saves everyone money (restaurant included). That's a win for everyone!

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