Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My "Model Health Show" Hits DC!

One of my favorite
Scratch that and try again:

My ABSOLUTE favorite podcast out there is The Model Health Show. Shawn Stevenson (author of Sleep Smarter) & his partner in crime and production, Jade Harrell are a complete dynamic duo. It is the perfect match of science, health, humor, and good information for good living. If you don't know it, get there and get there quick, as you'll be wondering what took you so long.

Imagine my delight when I heard they were going to be in DC on Martin Luther King Day, taping a live episode. Oh, no doubt about it. I was sooo gonna be there.

That episode of the podcast (#204) aired this past week.  It was great to relive it on my car radio this week, after being in awe and being there at one of DC's Busboys & Poets cafe & bookshops, a month ago. Insert warm fuzzies here!

I think for me, too, the fact that my visit was on Martin Luther King Day (also known as the "National Day of Service"), during Obama's last few days as President. Additionally, it followed a morning spent with my daughter at our church, helping to set up for the week-long Winter Relief shelter for 30 homeless guests)--in a venue that shouted "peace" and heroic leaders. It was a powerful experience and a heartfelt day all the way around. It was really good to center my brain space in that way, on that day, and here again this past week.

I typically listen by way of podcast, but it's a special treat for me to be able to relive that powerful space and place here, with the video version:

pictures from my camera, poster created using my pics at, and video from

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