Sunday, November 27, 2016

Post-Feathered Feasting: Chef Ann Thanks Michelle Obama: Gratitude #4

Coming off the Thanksgiving holiday, many of us are still enmeshed in leftovers of the day: turkey sandwiches, leftover potatoes (mashed, sweet, or otherwise), and pie slices for breakfast.  (Unless it's my house, where the pie plate deceptively was left out, yet erroneously empty! Curses you felonious children of mine!)

Food is still on many of our minds.

Given that, and the fact that I'm still chuckling over President Obama's puns and pardons of both Tater and Tot, the flight to freedom of the White House Turkeys, I'm struck by another moment of gratitude this Thanksgiving season. That is the one from Chef Ann Cooper's toast to Michelle Obama and all of the strides the current First Lady has made these 8 years on behalf of health and wellness for our children.

In case you don't know who Chef Ann is, she's become the National Renegade Lunch Lady, on a mission to get healthy foods in our schools, for our kids.

Making enormous leaps in school lunches since 1999, Chef Ann certainly pays some of the tributes to Michelle Obama and her legacy.  Some of the things she highlights that we should all be thankful to our First Lady include:
From that toast, in Chef Ann's own words:
"None of this could have been accomplished without Michelle Obama's tireless dedication to childhood health. She's one of my heroes – she's a truly amazing advocate, a strong voice with true leadership and, as we've seen on numerous occasions, a powerful speaker. I'd like us all to raise a glass and toast the first lady. May we all support and grow the work that she began and forge partnerships with the new administration to further the health of our nation's children."
Cheers indeed!

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