Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Amidst the Noise: Embracing an Attitude of Gratitude

As I post this, we are 8 days past the United States election.  As we have already examined, the United States is knee-deep in a myriad of emotions.

By the time I got to the election, I was so eager for it to be D-O-N-E, Done!
And as time marches on, so it is ...done.

In the wake and aftermath of the extremist numskulls who are showing up, we are soooo no where near done.  There is still a lot of work that needs to be done: to build, to reunite, to go forward, to continue making strides where we last were (as in with the environment).

But for now, I want and need to put that aside! I need a break.
I think many of us do.

So I give you a gift. The gift of reflection. View this as Part 1 of a 3-part series, here in the week between now and Thanksgiving. (You know the one...where we show "thanks" and "giving" to anyone we've encountered along the way.)  In much of what I read, listen to, and gravitate toward, gratitude is the answer to our ills. Moreso, with Thanksgiving right here around the corner: it's a season of changing our attitudes.

A very good place to start would be here, with the blog post about Thanksgiving Random Acts of kindness.  For a great printable list from them, click here.

My personal favorites:
  • Send a "just because" card or email to someone you care about.
  • Pick up litter when you see it.
  • Drop a $5 bill in the store for some lucky person to find
  • Use your connections to help someone out.
Paying kindness forward, especially in the post-election noise, could end up helping a lot of us out, spreading a wildfire of love and grace to all.
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Thank you to Jessica Hagy's art for serving as the visual inspiration for this blog post.  Her art can be found at her website Indexed, her 2013 book How To Be Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps), and several of her other books.

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